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Our recent posts have described the Accessible Archives collections in some detail. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about the collections.

This only a sample listing; visit Accessible.com to see the entire list.

  • What is the search platform like? Is Boolean searching available?
    The Accessible Archives search and retrieval system includes a host of features, including full Boolean search, field restriction, limiting, truncation & stemming, linking, browsing and sorting. All content is searchable via a unified interface.  A complete User Manual is available to explain the search interface.
  • Are the collections cover-to-cover or just particular articles?
    With regard to The Pennsylvania Gazette, only the articles that pertain to the Western Hemisphere are included. For newspapers covered in The Civil War: Part I: A Newspaper Perspective collection, only articles pertaining to the Civil War are covered. For the other collections, all articles and images are included. All advertisements are included, as well.
  • How is the material converted and how is accuracy assured?
    Content is double-keyed by a team of highly-skilled professionals familiar with the character and publishing idiosyncracies of historical documents. Double-keying results in much higher levels of accuracy than texts that have gone through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning. Extensive quality control systems ensure that the converted data has an accuracy level in excess of 98%. The data are formatted in XML utilizing the TEI Lite DTD. Images are TIFF, B&W, color, and delivered as jpegs or gifs.
  • What states do you anticipate adding to American County Histories?
    American County Histories is currently divided into two groupings: Mid-Atlantic States (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania) and New England States (currently Connecticut & Massachusetts, with Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont available by the end of first quarter 2011). The intention is to cover the entire United States, offering the South as the next geographic region.
  • What differentiates Accessible Archives’ Godey’s Lady’s Book from other offerings?
    Our coverage provides the only fully searchable text version of this magazine with full-color illustrations—unique in the industry. In addition, the Accessible Archives search and retrieval system now allows searchers to limit by “Image Type,” which includes cartoon, chromolithograph, color plate, color plate fashion, drawing, engraving, fashion plate, illustration, map, mezzotint, portrait, sheet music, table and woodcut.

All images included in blog posts are from either Accessible Archives collections or out of copyright public sources unless otherwise noted. Common sources include the Library of Congress, The Flickr Commons, Wikimedia Commons, and other public archives.

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