An Extraordinary April – 1865

The month of April, 1865, will be one of the most marked in human history. Here is a summary of its great and thrilling events:

April 1 – Gen. Sheridan attacks and routs the rebel forces at Five Forks, Va., capturing three brigades.

April 2 – Assault along the whole line in front of Petersburg. Generals Wright, Parker and Ord break through the rebel lines, and a brilliant victory is achieved. Twelve thousand prisoners and fifty pieces of artillery are taken.

April 2– News received of the burning of the steamer General Lyon, between Wilmington and Fortress Monroe, March 31. Four or five hundred soldiers perished.

April 3 – The Union forces under General Weitzel occupy Richmond, which, with Petersburg was evacuated by the Rebel forces. Great rejoicing all through the loyal States on account of the fall of Richmond.

April 4 – Fire in Brooklyn, New York. Several firemen killed.

April 6 – General Sheridan attacks and routs the forces of General Lee and drives them across Sailor Creek.

April 9 – Surrender of General Lee and his whole army to General Grant.

April 10 – Extraordinary rejoicing throughout the loyal States on account of the surrender of Lee and the end of the rebellion.

April 12 – Mobile occupied by the Union forces.

April 12 – General Stoneman occupies Saulsbury, N. C., after a series of victories, he having advanced upon that State from the west. Vast amount of military property captured with the town.

April 14 – Assassination of President Lincoln, by John Wilkes Booth, and actor, and attempted murder of Mr. Seward, Secretary of State, Mr. Seward badly injured.

April 14 – The flag removed by General Anderson from Fort Sumter in 1861, hoisted by him on the same Fort with appropriate ceremonies.

April 15 – Death of President Lincoln.

April 15 – The whole country in morning. A very solemn day.

April 15 – Andrew Johnson, Vice President takes the oath prescribed by the Constitution, and becomes President of the United States.

April 16 – Great fire in New York. Loss $2,000,000.

April 18 – Second great fire in New York. Loss $1,000,000.

April 18 – Arrest of Payne, the supposed author of the attempt upon the life of Secretary Seward.

April 18 – General Sherman concludes a treaty with General Johnson, which is not ratified. He is ordered to resume hostilities at once.

April 19 – The funeral of President Lincoln at Washington.

April 21 – The reward now offered for the arrest of John Wilkes Booth, the murderer of the President, is $150,000.

April 21 – The remains of the late President are taken from Washington on their way to Springfield, Ill., where they are to be finally deposited.

April 26 – John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of the President, is shot and killed by a party of cavalry sent out to arrest him. Harrold an accomplice, is taken.

April 26 – General, Johnson surrenders to the Union force with all the troops in his department.

April 26 – The boiler on the steamer Sultana exploded on the Mississippi, setting the boat on fire, Fifteen hundred Union soldiers, just released from rebel prisons, were lost.

April 29 – President Johnson appoints Thursday, June 1, as a day of National humiliation and prayer.

April 30 – Plot discovered to burn the city of Philadelphia.

Collection: The Civil War Part IV. A Midwestern Perspective
Date: June 3, 1865
Title: A Remarkable Month of Great Events

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