Drum Corps, 93rd New York Infantry - Bealeton, VA, August 1863

New Books this Week: Northeast Regimental Histories

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our new Civil War Collection.  Five more books in  The Civil War Part VI: Northeast Regimental Histories were added this week.

These new titles are now available:

  • History of the Twelfth Regiment Rhode Island Volunteers In The Civil War 1862-1863
  • History of the Fourteenth Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry
  • The Twentieth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry 1861-1865
  • The Fifth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in its Three Tours of Duty 1861, 1862-1863, 1864
  • The Story of the Forty-Eighth (Forty-Eighth Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry)

Our page of direct browse links for books has been updated to include these new titles as well as all other books we have added this year.  Direct links for books and periodicals can make it easy to jump right to the book you need.

Direct browse and search links work as shown for institutions with IP address based access.  Individual subscribers need to include their username and password in the link as shown on the Direct Browse page.

Dedication from The Story of the Forty-Eighth

Dedication from The Story of the Forty-Eighth

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