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Easily Follow the NGS 2012 Official Bloggers

There will be a lot going on next week at the NGS 2012 Family History Conference in Cincinnati.  With all the sessions, workshops, lectures, etc.. it will be hard to keep track of the highlights, let alone the nitty-gritty.

NGS2012 Bloggers

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National Genealogical Society has published its list of Official Bloggers at their conference blog. Conference bloggers provide a wonderfully valuable service in their role as reporters and distillers of information.  Following the official bloggers when attending a large event like #NGS2012 is like recruiting a couple dozen personal assistants and note-takers to be in all the places you cannot.

If you cannot be there at all, the bloggers can give you an inside look at what you are missing as it happens and maybe inspire you to set aside time and resources to attend next year.

To make it easier to follow the bloggers at this year’s NGS annual conference we have created a Google Reader bundle.  This allows you to easily follow the official conference blog and the many other bloggers.

We will be at booth 436 at this event! Be sure to swing by to chat or check out a demo of our full text searchable databases.

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