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Civil War News: Bacon, Ashes And Salt

This article appeared in The Charleston Mercury in response to rampant inflation in the price of salt and other commodities.

Bacon, Ashes, and Salt

During the Revolution, good bacon was made with one peck of salt and an abundance of hickory ashes to six hundred pounds. In applying the ashes, it is well to have a bucket of molasses, and apply a portion with a white washing brush to each joint. When well smeared, rub on the ashes, which will thus adhere firmly and make an impenetrable cement.

Let the experiment be tried. If the consumption of salt could be thus diminished, so as to disappoint the expectations of greedy speculators, it would be a public blessing.


Collection: The Civil War
Publication: The Charleston Mercury
Date: November 26, 1861
Title: Bacon, Ashes And Salt

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