Newspaper Humor: Fooling Round In The Dark

A traveler once arrived at a village inn after a hard day’s travel, but the landlord said they were entirely full, and that it was utterly impossible to accommodate him; that his wife had of sleep on the sofa and himself on the floor, but he would see what his wife could do for him.

The good woman,on being applied to, said there was a room he might occupy, provided he would agree to the condition, viz; To enter the room in the dark and leave it early in the morning, to prevent scandal, as the room was double bedded and occupied by a lady.

This he agreed to.

About two o’clock in the morning an awful noise was heard in the house and our friend, the traveler was heard tumbling heels over head down stairs. The landlords, on arriving at the spot inquired what the matter was.

The traveler ejaculated, as soon as he could speak:  “Oh, Lord! The woman’s dead!”

“I know that,” said the landlord; but how did you find it out?”


Collection: The Civil War Part IV. A Midwestern Perspective
Publication: Vincennes Weekly Gazette
Date: November 16, 1867
Title: Fooling Round in the Dark
Location: Vincennes, Indiana

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