A Christmas Dinner for our Soldiers, 1864

The Richmond Whig notices the preparation of the Yankees in the Northern cities to furnish a dinner to their soldiers in the field, and proposes to our farmers to imitate their example, one of the few Yankee examples that can be imitated with propriety. We second the suggestion, except that the idea need not be confined to the farmers – almost everybody can contribute something towards it.

The Whig says to the farmers: Send every turkey, chicken or pig they can possibly spare. Let the Confederate ovens and mess pans upon that blessed festival day be richly scented ‘with the odor of stuffed turkey, roast pig, and chicken fixings.’

Don’t wait for your neighbor to commence the good work, but right away, constitutional or unconstitutional, conscribe certain fat gobblers of your flock, and give them a furlough until the 25th of December.

Let the mothers, daughters, and sisters too, of our soldiers remember that there are those also fighting for them who are cut off from home and loved ones who deserve and would be grateful for a bountiful Christmas dinner. Don’t for mercy sake let Yankeedom outdo us in a willingness to provide for the comfort of the soldiers.

We can, it is true, do as much, but our means will permit us to do a great deal.’


Collection: The Civil War
Publication: The Charleston Mercury
Date: November 28, 1864
Title: A Christmas Dinner for our Soldiers

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