Frederick Douglass Paper - February 25, 1853

An Indian Captive Boy Restored as a Man – 1853

The Adrian (Mich.) Watchman gives an account of the kidnapping of a son of a Mr. Chubbs, of Blissfield, in that State, and formerly of Barrington, Yates County some fourteen years since.

The boy was six years of age at the time he was stolen by a party of Chippewa (Ojibwe) Indians, who kept him for some time concealed, and afterwards sold him to a Western tribe.

The latter resold him to the Blackfeet Indians, among whom he continued to live, and married a daughter of one of the chiefs. The young man was totally ignorant of the place of his parents’ residence during fourteen years, but succeeded finally in ascertaining it, and at once made a visit to his father, living near Detroit – his mother having died during his absence.

He is attached to the Indian mode of life, and has no with to change his habits or residence.

Blackfoot country (The North American Indian; v.18)

Blackfoot country (The North American Indian; v.18)


Collection: African American Newspapers
Publication: Frederick Douglass Paper
Date: February 25, 1853
Title: An Indian Captive Restored
Location: Rochester, New York

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