Harvest Moon

Thanksgiving Reflections

The fields are brown and bare, the gardeners are full, as our hearts should be of thoughtful kindness to others.

Some motives have been their innocent from above, like overshot waterwheel, while others are moved by the undercurrent.

The best and most precious gifts are without price income to mortals, sometimes unsought, because before unknown.

Some lives are so good and sweet and full that they impart to all about them their goodness, as do the sunshine, fragrant flowers and melodious music.

What tenderer memory can there be than that of other and bygone thanksgivings, when, as children, we surrounded the fireplace with loved parents and friends, now departed, in the year deserted old house?

The Christian Recorder was first published in 1854 under the editorship of the Rev. J.P. Campbell. This early edition was short-lived, however, and in 1861, under the editorship of Elisha Weaver, the New Series, Volume 1 began. Under this new leadership the Recorder was introduced into the South by distribution among the negro regiments in the Union army. Benjamin T. Tanner became editor in 1867, and was followed in that position in 1885 by the Rev. Benjamin F. Lee who served until 1892.


Collection: African American Newspapers
Date: November 30, 1893
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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