Godey’s Lady’s Book: Design for Toilet Cushion and Bottle Cover

The cushion and cover for glass cologne bottle are embroidered upon yellow satin, or painted upon yellow velvet in the colors shown in our illustration, a box for gloves can be similarly ornamented, also a sachet for handkerchiefs.

The under part of cushion is lined with plain satin and trimmed all around with lace as shown in the design.

The sachet is made exactly the same, open upon one end, lined throughout. Perfume is placed between the two thicknesses so that the handkerchiefs can be laid inside, or if desired, it can have the perfumed cotton placed inside, sewed up all around and laid in a drawer to perfume it. The bottle cover is lined with satin, a cord drawing it up around the neck, the lace showing around the glass stopper.

These can be made less elaborate if desired, and form a pretty gift.

Christmas Gifts for Ladies


Collection: Godey’s Lady’s Book
Publication: Godey’s Lady’s Book
Date: December, 1885
Title: Christmas Gifts for Ladies
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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