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PHD29102 Daniel Boone escorting settlers through the Cumberland Gap, 1851-52 (oil on canvas) by Bingham, George Caleb (1811-79); Washington University, St. Louis, USA; ( Daniel (1734-1820) and his wife Rebecca travelling westwards to Kentucky;); American,  out of copyright

Free Webinar: Using Your Discovery Services

Using Your Discovery Services

Discovery services have become a critical component within most academic libraries, playing a vital role in the effort to showcase the value of a library’s collection and changing the way resources are searched. This free webinar was hosted by:

  • Sarah Joy Arnold, Instructional Technology Librarian, User Experience Department, UNC Chapel Hill Libraries
  • Scott Anderson, Information Systems Librarian, Millersville University

They provided valuable insights into the various discovery services — how they help researchers discover content that might be otherwise missed and improve a library’s return on investment.

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New MARC Records

Great News! New MARC Records Available

New MARC records are now available for our new products! These include: African American Newspapers, Part XIII: The Freedmen’s Record & The Negro Business League Herald; America and World War I: American Military Camp Newspapers; and Women’s Suffrage, Part IV: The New Citizen and Western Woman Voter, and Part V: The Remonstrance. The records are provided two ways – as complete sets and as only new records.

As always, for each set you can download either a zip file that has one file with all MARC records or a zip file that has one file for each collection.

The MARC FTP link can be found on your institution’s Accessible Archives Administrators/Account Information Page.

The images for all of the content in the new products is now available and can be viewed in the Browse the Archives page. We are adding the XML and re-keyed text for complete searchability of these products monthly!


Will we see you in Atlanta at ALA Midwinter?

Stop by  and see us at ALA Midwinter in Atlanta  – January 20-23, 2017

We will be in booth 1249 in the Georgia World Congress Center (Building A, Halls 1-3) with our exclusive sales and marketing agent, Unlimited Priorities.

Every year we look forward to meeting with the dedicated folks at ALA Midwinter and showing off the latest additions to our extensive collection of primary source materials spanning centuries of American History.

Please contact us for an appointment or just drop by and ask about a free trial! (more…)

Announcing: Faceted Search Page Enhancements

Explore America’s Past in a New Way with
Accessible Archives’ New Faceted Search Page Enhancements

AnnouncementMalvern, PA (August 15, 2016) – Students, faculty, librarians and general interest public now have the ability to drill down to more targeted results through search capabilities that narrow a broad results list or still page through an entire collection to uncover the depth and breadth of Accessible Archives’ historical collections.

We will be unveiling our new Faceted Search Screen on August 15, 2016, and it will dramatically enhance our users’ search experience.

These new enhancements will replicate the user experience that your patrons know well. Within the unique Accessible Archives primary source collections, students, genealogists, librarians, and researchers will go beyond just the facts and figures of history and into a deeper understanding of their search topic.

The New Faceted Search Page enhancement allows users to spend more time exploring documents and less time searching for them! (more…)


Webinar: Leisure and Sports in 19th Century America

Leisure and Sports in 19th Century America

Wednesday, July 13, 10:00am
Thursday, July 14, 2:00pm

With the spread of industrialization in the nineteenth century, American workers and families saw an increase in leisure time and more disposable income than they had ever enjoyed before. What did Americans do with this time and income? Participation in sports, leisure, and amusement activities multiplied. Utilizing a variety of Accessible Archives digital collections, this webinar will trace a variety of leisure activities and sports that dominated the 19th century.

Sign-up and checkout highlights on the evolution of baseball and other sports, vaudeville, recreational pursuits, and amusements. Specific topics include: “exercises prescribed for women,” “city amusements,” Christian law of recreation,” “work and play,” and many others.

The diverse primary source materials contained in Accessible Archives’ databases provide broad views across 200 years of American history and the culture of the 18th and 19th centuries through full-text searches and digital images. Accessible Archives collections permit users to spend more time exploring documents and less time searching for them.

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