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Webinar: Leisure and Sports in 19th Century America

Leisure and Sports in 19th Century America

Wednesday, July 13, 10:00am
Thursday, July 14, 2:00pm

With the spread of industrialization in the nineteenth century, American workers and families saw an increase in leisure time and more disposable income than they had ever enjoyed before. What did Americans do with this time and income? Participation in sports, leisure, and amusement activities multiplied. Utilizing a variety of Accessible Archives digital collections, this webinar will trace a variety of leisure activities and sports that dominated the 19th century.

Sign-up and checkout highlights on the evolution of baseball and other sports, vaudeville, recreational pursuits, and amusements. Specific topics include: “exercises prescribed for women,” “city amusements,” Christian law of recreation,” “work and play,” and many others.

The diverse primary source materials contained in Accessible Archives’ databases provide broad views across 200 years of American history and the culture of the 18th and 19th centuries through full-text searches and digital images. Accessible Archives collections permit users to spend more time exploring documents and less time searching for them.

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New Faceted Search Page Enhancements

Primary Sources at Your Fingertips!

New Intuitive Search Functionality!

 Explore America’s Past in a New Way with Accessible Archives’
New Faceted Search Page Enhancements

Want to find exceptionally exciting primary source materials in Accessible Archives collections?

These new enhancements will replicate the user experience that your patrons know well. Within the unique Accessible Archives primary source collections, students, faculty, and librarians will go beyond just the facts and figures of history and into a deeper understanding of their search topic.

The New Faceted Search Page enhancement allows users to spend more time exploring documents and less time searching for them!

New Faceted Search Page Enhancements

New Faceted Search Page Enhancements



Stop by to see us at ALA Annual 2016

Stop by Booth #612 and Check Out the New and
Exciting Things at  Accessible Archives
June 24-27, 2016

We look forward to seeing you in the exhibit hall at ALA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida later this month.  You can find Accessible Archives in the Exhibit Hall, with our exclusive sales and marketing agent, Unlimited Priorities, at booth number 612 in the West Building of the Orange County Convention center, near the Gaming Pavilion.

There are lots of new and exciting things going on at Accessible Archives. Iris Hanney, Peter Stevens, and Bob Lester would love to get together with you and bring you up to date.

We will be unveiling our new Faceted Search Screen at ALA. In addition, preview all of the Accessible Archives interface enhancements. These changes are the result of an exhaustive survey, customer interviews, and feedback from our Advisory Board. Stop by and take a look!

Please contact us for an appointment or just drop by and ask about our interface enhancements and special offers!


April 2016 Webinar Topics

You are invited to join us in April for webinars covering two topics: Our Civil War Collections and an introduction to the COUNTER compliant usage reporting available to Accessible Archives subscribers.

The Civil War Collection

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 10am EDT
Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 1pm EDT
Host: Genny Jon

The Civil War Collection from Accessible Archives is a full-text digital collection comprised of seven parts and providing topical access to an essential corpus of regimental histories, personal narratives, and newspapers.

This collection provides an unmatched depth of personal insight: the reasons individuals volunteered, the wonderment of leaving home, the excitement of initially going to the front, the clash of arms, the drudgery of camp life, the boredom of garrison duty, and the anguish of imprisonment are expounded in these materials.

Attitudes toward officers and fellow soldiers, the enemy and the political questions of the war are recorded with a richness that brings new credibility and perspective to scholarly research.

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What is COUNTER?

Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 1pm EDT
Hosts: Bob Lester and Stuart Maxwell

Accessible Archives recognizes the importance of usage reporting and we have made a commitment to provide COUNTER compliant usage reporting to our subscribers. Working with Scholarly iQ, Accessible Archives provides librarians with access to their COUNTER reports through an intuitive web portal as well as a SUSHI web service for harvesting reports from multiple discovery services.

Please join Accessible Archives and Scholarly iQ for an exploration of COUNTER, its uses by Librarians, and the procedures for generating usage reports.

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February 2016 Webinar Schedule

This month we are hosting three free webinars on two topics:

Frank Leslie’s Weekly

February 17th, Wednesday, 10am EST
February 18th, Thursday, 1pm EST

This 30-minute webinar will trace America’s development in the 19th and early 20th centuries through this complete collection of the nation’s first illustrated weekly. It will highlight every phase of the evolution of American popular culture over 70 years. In addition, the webinar will illustrate how the Weekly chronicles the nation heading into the catastrophic conflict between North and South, postwar industrial growth and the rise of cities, and the movement westward. By unlocking the immediate past scholars can better understand the events leading to our present day concerns and issues.

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Use of Primary Sources and Interface/Searchability

February 24th, Wednesday, 10am EST

This 30-minute presentation will focus on the importance of using primary sources and how to locate those documents that will provide the best opportunities for reference librarians, faculty and students to “dig into the past” and discover the essential history that defines our society.

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