Part IV: A Midwestern Perspective

The A Midwestern Perspective section of our Civil War collection consists of seven newspapers published in Indiana between the years of 1855 and 1869.

These items provide pre-and post-Civil War information, in addition to coverage of the Civil War itself.


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Ownership of the newspapers included Democrats, Republicans and the Know-Nothings.

Collection Details

  • News of the Day (1855-1857)
  • The Old Post Union (1862/5 months; became The Vincennes Times)
  • Stars & Stripes (1862/2 issues)
  • Vincennes Courant (1855-1856)
  • Vincennes Gazette (1855-1869)
  • The Vincennes Times (1865-1866)
  • Vincennes Western Sun (1856-1869)