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Projectiles and Explosives of the Civil War at the Charleston Museum

Continuing its commemoration of the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, the Charleston Museum presents Blasted: Assorted Projectiles and Explosives of the Civil War. This original exhibition explores the varied and sometimes revolutionary artillery shells and small arms projectiles that were used during this country’s defining conflict.

Artifacts on exhibit include a rare Quinlivan shot designed to penetrate Federal ironclads and a two-chambered incendiary shell likely intended for use in Charleston’s defense.

The Wall Street Journal has a nice write up of the exhibit:

CHARLESTON, S.C. — They were the messengers of death in America’s bloodiest war: special rifle ammunition that caused mayhem on Civil War battlegrounds, artillery shells designed to blow ironclads out of the water and early mines and napalm.

As part of the sesquicentennial of the war that started in nearby Charleston Harbor and saw the city bombarded by Union shells for 567 days, the museum is mounting the exhibit “Blasted: Assorted Projectiles and Explosives of the Civil War.”

More than 100 rarely seen items from museum collections are on display through Sept. 10 chronicling the shot and shells used in the war in which historians estimate more than 600,000 died.

Read on at the Wall Street Journal:
Ammunition meant death in nation’s  bloodiest war – WSJ.com.

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