Materials from the Godfrey Memorial Library Expand our Civil War Collection

Malvern, PA (September 23, 2009) — Accessible Archives, Inc. , a publisher of electronic full-text searchable historical databases, has announced the expansion of its existing database, The Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective, with the addition of two new parts, each of which may be acquired individually. The enhanced database will be renamed simply The Civil War.

The new parts consist of book titles supplied by the Godfrey Memorial Library, Middletown, Connecticut, a library dedicated to promoting the study of family history by making genealogical and historical resources available to all on both a national and international level. It is interesting to note that, depending on the author, the war might be referred to as the War Between the States, War of the Rebellion, War of Secession or Civil War.

The Civil War: The Soldiers’ Perspective. Provides an in-depth look at the day-to-day actions of the troops themselves, primarily in the form of regimental histories. All Union regiments are represented.

The Civil War: The Generals’ Perspective. These volumes allow a look into the way the battles within the war were fought. Here the emphasis is on strategies and tactics as planned and executed by the commanding officers, with a longer-term view as opposed to daily concerns.

Download full press release (PDF):  Accessible Archives, Inc. Expands Civil War Collection With Materials From Godfrey Memorial Library

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