An Early Book Review

Book reviews have been a prominent feature of US newspapers from the earliest days of the Colonies.  For example, here is an extract of reviews of The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution, published in approximately 1856.  It mentions Crispus Attucks, the first African-American person killed in the Revolution.

This book should be owned by every abolitionist, and of course by every colored man. It gives the history of the colored patriots of the Revolution—and a thrilling history it is—one which makes the blood boil in the reader’s veins, when he reflects that the ddants of these Revolutionary heroes are insulted and abused by the dominant power.— Hartford Republican.

This is, we presume, a labor of love in the writer. The services of colored men in the Revolution are worthy of more attention than has been paid to the subject. They were, wherever employed, good and faithful soldiers, and their blood upon many fields mingled with the vital streams which flowed from the hearts of white men who fought for the good cause. It is claimed that the first martyr to American liberty was Crispus Attucks, a colored man, who was killed in Boston, March 5th, 1770, at the time when what Englishman call the ‘King street mob,’ was fired upon by British soldiers under Col. Prescott. This book contains much curious and interesting information in relation to the services and exploits of colored men throughout the Union. It has evidently been composed with much care, and contains a great deal of matter which will be new even to the great majority of historical students.— Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch

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