Letter from John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones, a prominent Naval captain during the American Revolution wrote this letter to the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1780.  The complete text of the letter can be found in the Accessible Archives database.

Collection: The Pennsylvania Gazette
Publication: The Pennsylvania Gazette
Date: January 26, 1780
Title: WILLIAMSBURG, Jan. 15.

Monday last were seen, between Jamestown and SwanPoint, two boats, one with two, the other with four men on board, in the greatest distress imaginable, and not able to reach either shore for the vast quantities of ice then floating in the river. The Captain of one of our state ships sent his barge with twelve men to their assistance, who, after rowing many hours, until the sun was almost down, without getting to them, were obliged to return; and as the boats have not been since heard of, it is feared the poor men perished.

The Tempest is on shore between Hog Island and Cobham, a brig and snow are aground near Mulberry island, and the privateer brig Jefferson is sunk off Jamestown. She was a fine new vessel, just finished, and ready to sail on a cruise.

For a week past we have had the most severe weather that has been felt in this country upwards of forty years…

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