Pennsylvania Genealogical Catalog, Pennsylvania Newspaper Record, and South Carolina Newspapers

The Pennsylvania Genealogical Catalogue primarily is a listing of marriages, deaths and obituaries between 1818 and 1870 from the Village Record, published in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Also included, however, is information about emigration patterns, customs and traditions, important events, medical history, biographical data, and more.

The Pennsylvania Genealogical Catalogue

The Pennsylvania Newspaper Recorddocuments the move to industrialization from a predominantly agrarian culture established by Quaker farmers in the 18th century. The collection contains full-text transcriptions of articles, advertisements and vital statistics, providing insight into technology, business activity and material culture in a down-river milling and manufacturing community at the height of the Industrial Revolution.

It includes material from the following newspapers:

  • Delaware County American, Media, PA (1851–1871)
  • Delaware County Democrat, Chester, PA (two issues)
  • Delaware County Republican, Darby & Chester, PA (1833–1870)
  • The Post Boy, Chester, PA (few issues)
  • The Upland Union, Chester, PA (1825–1835; 1850–1852)

The Carolina Gazette

The Carolina Gazette contains a wealth of information on colonial and early American History and genealogy, and provides an accurate glimpse of life in South Carolina and America, with additional coverage of events in Europe, during the early days of this country.  The material is taken from the following 5 newspapers:

  • The South Carolina Gazette (1732-1775)
    South Carolina’s first successful newspaper was begun in 1732 and released its final issue in December, 1775. A “middle of the road” paper, the Gazette printed news of Europe, what the royalty had worn at the last formal event, news of the colony, notices of births, deaths, marriages and estate auctions, and advertisements, including those for runaway slaves. It contains a wealth of information on colonial/early American history and genealogy, and provides an accurate glimpse of life in South Carolina and America prior to the advent of the American Revolution.
  • The South Carolina & American General Gazette (1764-1775)
    Begun in 1764 by Robert Wells, it had many subscribers in other colonies by the mid-1770s, and was the only paper in the state to publish the full text of the Declaration of Independence. Ironically Wells, a loyalist, eventually was forced to leave the state.
  • The South Carolina Gazette & Country Journal (1765-1775)
    This publication was heavily pro-American and nearly always included scandalous stories of European royalty. While it tended to be “stuffy,” it was the only paper to discuss citizens who would not be considered among the elite in society.
  • The Gazette of the State of South-Carolina (1777-1780)
    One of several newspapers published in Charles Town, this paper was concerned primarily with regional happenings. It was established in 1777 by Peter Timothy, and was published by him and Nicholas Boden. Publication was suspended temporarily January 15–June 17, 1778, because the printing office was destroyed by fire.
  • The Charlestown Gazette (1779-1780)
    Printed weekly between 1778 and 1780 by Mary Crouch and Co., it was founded in special opposition to the Stamp Act, but also excelled at local news coverage while providing extensive listings of both marriages and deaths. Mary Crouch later moved to Salem, Massachusetts, where she continued publication for several years.

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