A Fiendish Murder by an Inhuman Wretch

This item was reported in The Liberator on March 29, 1861.

William Lloyd Garrison’s newspaper often featured examples of inhumanly evil acts by people of all walks of life and ties them back into what he saw as a fundamental  evil that permeated society – slavery.

Most items involve the treatment of slaves, but he did not hesitate to publish horrific acts from anywhere in the nation.

An Inhuman Wretch

FIENDISH. We learn from the Salem (Ind.) Times,that an inhuman wretch in an adjoining county to Washington deliberately laid the following plan by which to put his wife to death. It seems that, to accomplish his hellish work, it was necessary to employ his own son, a small boy, to assist him. He set his fence on fire, and instructed his little son to perpetrate the deed. After he had set the fence on fire, he sent the little boy to the house after his (the boy’s) mother,to come and put the fire out, while he (the father) secreted himself in the woods near by, telling the boy before this, that while his mother was engaged in extinguishing the fire, to approach her from behind and set here clothes on fire, which he did, and before she was aware, her clothes were in a blaze, burning her to death. The Times does not state that the inhuman wretch has been arrested.

Boston Herald

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