The Colored American

Five Ifs from The Colored American, May 1838

  • IF – “God had made all mankind of ONE BLOOD,” then the blood of the slave is as good as that of his master, for all are brethren by “blood;” and the black man has as good a right to enslave the white, as the white has to enslave the black; and hence slavery is a mere triumph of the strong over the weak, and the slaveholder’s sole title is that most precarious of all securities, the RIGHT OF THE STRONGEST.
  • IF – it is a crime to enslave a free man – then continued enslaving is a continued act of crime; for as soon as the master ceases to enslave, the slave ceases to be a slave; and hence actual and immediate emancipation is the only means by which a slaveholder can become free from the SIN of continued enslaving – leaving the redress due to his victim for what is past to be settled by conscience and the law of love, as a distinct consideration.
  • IF – the abolitionists are right in their first position, that SLAVEHOLDING IS SIN, – then they are right in all their other principal doctrines; and all apologies for slaveholders are apologies for sin, whether made by divines or politicians: and the church, in tolerating slavery is in fellowship with transgression; and hence it is the duty of all who desire the increase of holiness, to unite their efforts by all lawful means to purify the sacred ranks from this contamination.
  • IF – the American Anti-Slavery Society is right in its principles – it is also right in its leading measures, as lain down by its constitution, and carried out by its Executive Committee, with such measures of wisdom and integrity as they possess; and hence, those who make real or alleged imperfections, such as are incidental to all human enterprises, an excuse for standing aloof from this, do GREATLY ERR.
  • IF – slavery is not only wrong but injurious to all concerned, and emancipation is not only a duty, but highly beneficial to all parties, then the people of the South are infatuated to cherish the evil and resist the good; and the abolitionists, in using all their ingenuity to cure this infatuation, by truth and argument, “light and love,” are proving themselves the most devoted FRIENDS OF THE SOUTH; and hence, they ought to persevere in well-doing, for as sure as the Lord reigns in Heaven, they shall reap IF THEY FAINT NOT; and hereafter those who are most bitter against them, will be the most grateful for their disinterested kindness, and for their benevolence which no opposition could subdue.

– Genius of Universal Emancipation

Source: The Colored American – 1838-05-03
Collection: African American Newspapers

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