Interesting News From Cuba in The National Era

The following is the copy of a letter to a member of Congress from Florida, written by a gentleman of high character at Pensacola, and can no doubt be relied upon:

PENSACOLA, July 26, 1848

At this moment, just before the departure of the mail, I snatch the little time I have to say that, by the arrival of the schooner General Bennett from Key West, we received accounts of an insurrection at Havana, island of Cuba. Five hundred of the insurrectionists were killed. It seems their plot was discovered before it had fully matured. Finding that their conspiracy was detected, they forcibly possessed themselves of ammunition from the stores, after an engagement with the regular troops, and retired to the mountains.

This is, the beginning of what must follow, and foreshadowing what it will be necessary for our Government to do in relation to this great gateway to our Southern and Western commercial interests.

We publish the letter, as we find it, without professing to understand precisely the import of the last paragraph, or passing any opinion at all upon the subject. – Union.)

From the Pensacola Democrat, July 27.


We learn by Captain Thomas E. Miner, of the schooner Governor Bennett, that a smack arrived at Key West the day on which he left for this port, and reported that an insurrection was to have taken place at Havana on the 20th of this month. But fortunately the Governor became apprized of it, and took precautionary steps to arrest it. The insurrectionists, on perceiving that the conspiracy was detected, broke into the stores, and forcibly possessed themselves of ammunition, &c. Whereupon, the Governor called out the regular troops, and the insurrection was suppressed, after the slaughter of five hundred of the insurrectionists; the remainder were driven to the mountains.

If the reader will call to mind a few facts, he may find that he has abundant materials for speculation concerning this important intelligence.

A large number of American citizens are settled in Cuba, many of whom are engaged in planting, and the rest interested generally in the maintenance of slavery.

Europe is now in a state of progressive revolution, one nation after another adopting republican institutions; and experience shows that the moment a nation there revolutionizes, it seeks to give freedom to its colonies, if it have any.

Regenerated France abolished slavery in Martinique and Guadaloupe; let Spain be revolutionized, and slavery may fall in Cuba.

This explains to a great extent the unsettled state things in that island, and the desire of many of the inhabitants for annexation to the United States. Our Government, they regard as the strong bulwark of slavery – the best protection that system can have against the liberal movements of the age.

Look out for Cuba! Nothing but the complete triumph of the anti-slavery sentiment, in the exclusion of slavery from the Territories of Oregon, California, and New Mexico, and the establishment of a similar policy in relation to all Territories hereafter acquired, can prevent the ultimate annexation of Cuba, with its six hundred thousand slaves.

Collection: African American Newspapers
Date: August 10, 1848
Title: Interesting News From Cuba
Location: Washington, D.C.

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