Avoiding Slave Produce – September 5, 1850

If the friends of freedom would abstain entirely from the use of slavegrown cotton, it would have a tendency to diminish this horrible traffic. Encourage the free-laboring farmers of the South, and decline the products of sweat and toil, and it may exert a moral influence over the slave-holder, while it will gain the good will of the poor white citizens of the South to the cause of human freedom.

Picking Cotton in Georgia USA (1943)

Picking Cotton in Georgia USA (1943)

Whatever may be the difference of opinion as to the moral right to purchase slave labor products, all anti-slavery men ought to feel the obligation to encourage the free laborer, rather than the master of slaves. And even should we pay a cent or two more on the pound or yard, we should feel that the interests of humanity demand it, and therefore do it cheerfully.

(The above is extracted from The Crisis , a paper published at Cincinnati,
and edited by an individual who was long a citizen of a Slave State.)

Collection: African American Newspapers
Publication: The North Star
Date: September 5, 1850
Title: Duty of Avoiding Slave Produce
Location: Rochester, New York

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