Runaway Slave

Runaway Slaves

Few persons who are not acquainted with the operations of the underground railroads, are aware of the number of runaway slaves who annually reach this city from the South. On remarking to a gentleman familiar with these matters, that there were a great many persons in Boston who had the look of Southern runaway slaves, he stated that probably one hundred or more of this class of persons arrived in this city almost every year. Many of them are provided for in the city, and others, after a while, proceed toward Canada.

– Boston Trav.

Yes; and many of these runaways who, the slaveholder would have us believe, can not take care of themselves, are now found to be, (many of them) among the most industrious and enterprising of our Northern citizens. They evidently are more effectively stimulated by Mr. Cash than Mr. Lash.

Collection: African American Newspapers
Publication: The North Star
Date: February 25, 1848
Title: Runaway Slaves
Location: Rochester, New York

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