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Happy New Year from The Lily

We are happy to announce that the first year of The Lily: A Temperance and Abolitionist Newspaper is now online.  All twelve 1849 issues are now available in both image form and as fully searchable text.

This is one of the opening articles in the first issue.

Happy New Year

The Lily comes laden with kindness and love, to greet its patrons with a “Happy New Year.”  We deem it a fortunate event that we thus commence our acquaintance with each other amid the festivities of the holidays, and we would fain hope that nothing may occur to mar the pleasurable greetings with which we set out on our journey through the year. Happy and cheerful may our meeting be, happily and cheerfully may we travel on together.

If The Lily may be the means, in the hands of Providence, of rescuing any of his creatures from the slavery of Intemperance–if it may be the means of deterring one individual from becoming a victim to the inebriating cup–if it may furnish instruction and amusement to occupy a leisure hour, and thus lighten the evils and add to the enjoyments of life, then shall we hope that our labors have not been in vain, and that 1849 may indeed be to us and our readers, a Happy New Year.

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