O! Young Man, a Plea for Temperance in The Lily

Just setting out on the journey of life , when all is bright and full of promise, why will you sacrifice all that is worth living for, upon the altar of intemperance? Why will you wreck your own happiness, and blast your bright hopes by fostering and indulging a love of that poison, the use of which will rob you of reason and consign you to the dishonored grave of the drunkard.

You toil to earn, then rob yourself to enrich your destroyer. And what does he give you in return for your money? What equivalent for the loss of your character–your self-respect–the respect and esteem of friends–your peaceofmind–your immortal soul?

You rob and starve yourself, that the rumseller may fatten upon your gains. Why do you this? You know the consequences of the course your are pursuing, then why will you continue it?

Here Lieth a Temperance Man

Here Lieth a Temperance Man

Your destroyer will profess to be your friend, so long as you have the means of administering to his comfort and support; when that is gone he will turn you out to starvation and beggary. His friendship is like that of the hungry wolf, for the innocent lamb, and he will no sooner release you from his grasp, than the deadly serpent will unloose the coils in which he has bound his victim.

Go not then within his charmed circle! Flee the net which is spread for you!– Resolve to be a man, and let your aim be high.– Stoop not to the vile and debasing practices of the profligate and the drunkard.

Instead of infamy and disgrace, seek honor and distinction, then though you reach not the pinnacle of fame, yet you will have the satisfaction of having ascended far in the scale, and of having done what you could elevate and purify the character and morals of those by whom you are surrounded.

Then the esteem and love of friends will be yours. Then the smiles of true friendship will ever greet you, and cheer your passage to the grave.


Collection: The Lily
Publication: The Lily
Date: July 2, 1849
Title: O! Young Man

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