Bar of Destruction

Another Rum Triumph in The Lily

Hell reigns again, and the grave open for another victim. But this time, the accursed scourge has fastened upon the child. But rumsellers are like the savage in their mode of warfare, with this difference. The one butchers for revenge, while the other murders by inches for the paltry sum he gets for his liquor. The traffic spares neither age, sex, nor condition.

While out South to attend our engagements on the 4th, we learned the following:

A poor family, by the name of Parks, have for some time lived in Venice, but now, we believe, live some distance from Parker’s tavern on the Owasco Hill. Parks is an intemperate man. Probably this, coupled with poverty and trouble. has plunged the wife into the same habits. They have led a miserable life, and been steadily robbed and cursed by the rumselling wretches that surround them. Their children have been allowed to drink whisky out of their little tin cups.

On the 4th, we believe, Parks and his wife were both drunk. It is supposed that they furnished the liquor to the child–a little girl of four and a half years of age, and of unusual sprightliness. At any rate the child had the liquor, and died under its effects! The father and mother were both upon the bed, drunk and asleep at the same time!

P.S. We have since been informed that Parks got his liquor at Smith’s at the Lake.– Also that Parks and his wife were intoxicated at the funeral. God be praised that the child as dead! It is beyond the reach of rum and rumsellers. We congratulate Smith on his achievement. An honorable, moral, and upright man according to law, has furnished whisky to imbrute a father and mother, and to kill a child four and a half years old! He did not suppose his whisky would do so much in a short time, probably. Nor would he know that a mad wolf would kill.

Parade your license, sir, and deal out your rum! We hold you as much guilty of the murder of Parks’ child, as though you sent arsenic to kill it. It is a blessed thing that death befriends those who writhe in the clutches of licensed murderers.

–Cayuga Chief


Collection: The Lily
Title: Another Rum Triumph
Date: August 1850

Alcohol, Death, and the Devil by Geo. Cruikshank

Alcohol, Death, and the Devil by Geo. Cruikshank

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