A Good (Moral) Test

Mr. Dodd, an eminent minister, being solicited to play at cards, rose from his seat and uncovered his head.  Being asked what he was going to do, he replied-

“To crave God’s blessing.”

The company exclaimed, “We never asked the blessing on such occasions.”

Then said he, “I never engage in anything but on what I can beg of God to give his blessing-‘In all thy ways acknowledge Him.'”

Apply this mode of settling moral questions to Slavery, rum drinking, rum selling, beer brewing, going with a majority in religion or politics, and to any and everything else, and what would be the result?

In the year 1828, we put the question to Richard Furman, D.D., of Charleston, South Carolina, on hearing him assert that slaveholding was sustained by the Bible.

“Can you pray God to continue it, and to spread it through the earth?” He sat silent, and the company sat silent. Try this test everywhere.

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Collection: African American Newspapers
Date: September 7, 1848
Title: A Good Test
Washington, D.C.

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