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A Disgraceful Law in Wisconsin

The Legislative correspondent of the Milwaukie (Milwaukee) Sentinel states that the statute book of the young Territory of Wisconsin is disgraced by a law that compels millers to grind for distilleries, and that several who, for conscience sake, have refused, have been prosecuted.

Such a law is the more surprising to those who know the general sound character and correct moral sentiment of the population of Wisconsin.

The writer in the Sentinel says: “A law so destructive of the liberty of conscience, and odious in itself, should be forever blotted from our statute book, and I am happy to learn that petitions are now pouring in to the legislature for its repeal. From the character of the legislature, I have no doubt but the law will be immediately amended in this particular, so that millers may be at liberty to follow the dictates of their own consciences, and refuse to grind grain for the purpose of distillation, without incurring the penalty of the law.


Collection: National Anti-Slavery Standard
Publication: National Anti-Slavery Standard
Date: January 28, 1841
Title: General Intelligence

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