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Freedom’s Journal News Summary for February 8, 1828

Although Freedom’s Journal lived a relatively short life, it is important in that it was the first American newspaper written by blacks for blacks. From the beginning the editors felt, “… that a paper devoted to the dissemination of useful knowledge among our brethren, and to their moral and religious improvement, must meet with the cordial approbation of every friend to humanity…”.

This news summary was published in the February 8, 1828 edition.

SCHOOLS — The bill making an annual State appropriation of 10,000 dollars for the Free Schools, and providing a fund for accumulation, to be devoted to the same object, has been passed by the House of Representatives of the Legislature of Rhode Island with only two dissecting votes.

DROWNED — Mr. Benjamin Ellis and his son Sewall were drowned at Plymouth, Mass. lately, by falling through the ice. The bodies were recovered a few hours after the accident occurred. Mr. Ellis has left a wife and a large number of children.

DEAF AND DUMB — An institution for the instruction of the Deaf and Dumb, has been commenced in N. Carolina; and an application has been made to congress for a grant of land.

AFRICAN SCHOOL — During the last summer an African School was kept in Portsmouth N.H. the expense of which was principally defrayed for the first time by the town. Nearly all the coloured children amounting to about 30, attended the school.

EDUCATION — Four scholarships of 1000 dollars each, are founded at Danville College. A farm is attached, to reduce by labour the expense of living. The indigent will be supported and educated without charge. Those who are able, will never pay above 20 dollars per annum.

TOASTING — At the celebration of the battle of New Orleans, at Wilkesbarre, Penn. the Landlord of the Inn gave the following toast; Jackson for President; and may I be the next Sheriff.

PARDON — Henry Schultz, of Georgia, who was sometime since found guilty of manslaughter, by whipping a man so as to cause his death, has been pardoned by the governor.

RIOT — Two of the men concerned in the late riot at South Boston, have been bound over in the sum of 5000 dollars, to take their trials at the next Municipal Court

CANALS AND RAILWAYS — There are 2550 miles of canals completed, or in a forward state; there are 1024 projected, and which it is believed will soon be commenced. There are 544 miles of rail road contemplated and 23 miles completed or commenced

COUNTERFEITER — Hervey Griswold, who was tried and convicted on four indictments for passing counterfeit bills, has been sentenced to the Connecticut State Prison for 12 years.

THE CHEROKEES — The new government adopted by this people is said to be in full operation. Their printing materials have arrived. The types are generally cast in the Cherokee alphabet, which consists of 86 different characters or rather syllables, the invention of a native Cherokee

SUICIDE — A Mrs. Richardson in, of Springport, Cayuga county, lately committed suicide by hanging herself. No reason can be assigned as the probable inducement for the commission of this rash act.

RAIN — The depth of rain which fell in Philadelphia during the month of January was two inches and 11 -100ths. It rained twelve days during the month

FIRE — A Vermont paper states that the store of Mr. A. Buck, of Pittsford, with his whole stock of dry goods was lately destroyed by fire

At Pensacola, Florida, the middle of January, the thermometer stood at 75. Roses were in bloom the whole of December. A large water melon, which grew in the open field, was plucked and eaten on the 1st of January

ORANGES — A very large crop of Oranges have been raised in East Florida during the past season. They have sold at 7 dollars and 50 cents the thousand

At St. Louis, Missouri, January 9, cloaks had been thrown aside.

At Huntsville, Alabama, January 4, no fires were necessary, the doors and windows remained open

Judge Lipscomb, of Alabama, who was impeached by Mr. Salle, has been exonerated by the Legislature from all the charges preferred against him

SERMON — A sermon was preached in the Middle Dutch Church, on Sunday evening by the Rev. Mr. De Witt, for the relief of the respectable and Indigent Females, and the sum collected amounted to 336 dollars.

COUNTERFEITS — The public are cautioned against receiving counterfeit 10 dollar notes of the Manhattan Banking Company in the city of New York, dated July 1, 18, 5, letter F. f. payable to T. Phelps, H. Remsen, Prest. Robert White, Cashier

GALE — A violent S. W. gale was experienced at Buffalo on the 27th January. No particulars of damage have been received.


Collection: African American Newspapers
Publication: Freedom’s Journal
Date: February 8, 1828
Title: News Summary for February 8, 1828
Location: New York, New York

Image used above is John Brown Russwurm, one of the founders of Freedom’s Journal.

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