Woman's National Christian Temperance Union

Petition for Home Protection in 1877

One of our new collections, The National Citizen and Ballot Box is now online for the years 1876-1881.  This monthly journal formed the foundation of the American feminist movement.  There is a great deal of overlap between the Temperance and Woman Suffrage movements in the latter half of the 19th century.

This petition appeared in the January 1877 issue while it still had the name The Ballot Box.

Petition for Home Protection in 1877

The following petition has been issued by the Woman’s National Christian Temperance Union, and is being actively circulated:

WHEREAS, Woman by the changeless nature which God has given her, and through the most sacred relationships of which that nature is capable, is the born conservator of Home, and the most trusty and conscientions guardian of her children.

WHEREAS ALSO, Woman is the greatest sufferer from the Liquor Traffic, which is sanctioned and sustained by law, and does much to create the temptation, which nevertheless is not allowed to be the excuse for crimes, which result from the use of intoxicating liquors And,

WHEREAS, Men, while claiming to represent our wishes and our interests, have signally failed to give us prohibitory laws; thereby be it

Resolved, That we as men and women hereby petition for the protection of home, by the enactment of a law that no place for the sale of intoxicating drinks shall be licensed in any locality without the consent of a majority of the voters and of women over eighteen years of age in that locality, such consent to be expressed by their signatures to a petition for such license.

This petition was drawn up by the following committee, who are some of the leading spirits of the temperance cause: Miss Caroline B. Buell, No. 25 Whitney avenue, New Haven, Conn., Chairman, to whom write for particulars; Mrs. Governor Wallace, President Indiana W. T. U.; Miss Frances E. Willard, Dr. Harriet French, of Philadelphia, and Miss Esther Pugh, of Cincinnati.


Collection: National Citizen and Ballot Box
Publication: National Citizen and Ballot Box
Date: January, 1877
Title: Petition for Home Protection

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