Constitution of The National Woman Suffrage Association

The Constitution of the National Woman Suffrage Association was published in the March 1878 issue of Matilda Joslyn Gage’s National Citizen and Ballot Box

Constitution of The National Woman Suffrage Association

ARTICLE 1. This organization shall be called The National Woman Suffrage Association.

ARTICLE 2. The object of this Association shall be to secure NATIONAL protection for women citizens in the exercise of their right to vote.

ARTICLE 3. All citizens of the United States subscribing to this Constitution, and contributing not less than one dollar annually, shall be considered members of the Association; with the right to participate in its deliberations.

ARTICLE 4. The officers of this Association shall be a President, a Vice President from each of the States and Territories, Corresponding and Recording Secretaries, a Treasurer, an Executive Committee of not less than five, and an Advisory Committe consisting of one person from each State and Territory.

ARTICLE 5. All Woman Suffrage Societles throughout the country shall be welcomed as auxillaries; and their accredited officers, or duly appointed representatives, shall be recognized as members of the National Association.

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