The Slave Ship Wildfire

General Intelligence from the National Anti-Slavery Standard

Portuguese Slave Trade — The late French papers says that the 200 slaves and young Arabs found on board the ship taken by the Prevoyante, and carried into the island of Bourbon, were in a perfect state of nakedness and starvation, so that the magistrates of the island were forced to clothe as well as feed them. The Arabs were free men, whom the Portuguese pirates had carried of by force and reduced to slavery.

Cheap Line — A new line of Steamboats, composed of the Rochester, North America, and south America, is formed to run on the Hudson River, the ensuing summer, from the foot of Liberty street, to Albany, at the low fare of one dollar.

Sudden Development of Saint Vitus Dance — A paper in the Western part of New-York, Danville, records the singular fact, that a little boy was so much alarmed at seeing a mendicant, who had this disease, come suddenly into a room, that he ran out of the apartment, agitated and greatly frightened. From that period he has had the same malady precisely–and measures of treatment have been adopted to overcome, if possible, his unlooked for calamity.– Medical Intelligencer .

Appaling Boast — During the discussion between Doctors Draper and Watson, at Boston, on the use of the lancet and mercury, of which we have before spoken. Dr. Watson, in the course of his remarks, stated that in the course of four years and a half, he had taken from the citizens of Boston and vicinity, one hundred, barrels of blood and had administered forty-nine pounds of mercury! How many persons had fallen victims to this abominable mode of practice was not stated. But one person came forward, a mere skeleton, evidently standing on the brink of the grave, to bear testimony to the pernicious consequences of his “Dr. Watsons’s” mode of treating diseases. He told a piteous tale, which had the effect of exciting the indignation of the audience against this letter of blood and administrator of mercury, and the meeting was broken up in disorder.– Sun .

The Ladies at the White House — The lady who is to be at the head of the domestic affairs on the coming in of the new Administration, is the widow of Wm. Harrison, the son of the President, who died a few months ago. There will be associated with her, Mrs. Taylor, the youngest daughter of Gen. Harrison, and Mrs. Taylor the mother of the last mentioned lady’s husband. The General’s wife intends to remain the mistress of North Bend, and at the White House will be a visiter. The General’s Private secretary will be his son in law, Mr. Taylor.


Collection: National Anti-Slavery Standard
Publication: National Anti-Slavery Standard
Date: March 4, 1841
Title: General Intelligence

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