Lectures by Matilda Joslyn Gage, 1880

Matilda Joslyn Gage will lecture this season:

UNITED STATES RIGHTS VS. STATE RIGHTS — This is a very able Woman Suffrage, Political Lecture, considered by those who have heard it as unanswerable. It takes the ground upon which the Republicans are now fast forced, that suffrage and national citizenship should be practically synonymous; that while States may regulate Suffrage they should have no power to prohibit it. Mrs. Gage’s first speech upon this great question was made under the title of “Centralization,” in Washington, the winter of 1873, drawing the close attention of thinkers. Since that time, the country has gradually progressed towards the belief that national suffrage inheres in national citizenship, a position upon which it must fully place itself in order to secure permanent national life. The facts of this lecture are brought down to the present hour.

ANCIENT EGYPT — This is a Literary Lecture, unique and attractive, full of historical facts discovered through decipherment of the hieroglyphics. Egypt’s temples and its obelisks, the papyrus buried in its tombs, though thousands of years old, are to-day living libraries whence scholars draw long-forgotten lore. MRS. GAGE’S lecture is full of strange and romantic facts. The laws of Egypt, its literature, its government, and its religion, its arts, its wars, its business habits and its domestic customs, the position and power of its women, are all brought into new and living light in this entertaining and instructive lecture.


Collection: National Citizen and Ballot Box
Publication: National Citizen and Ballot Box
Date: January, 1880
Title: Lectures!

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