The Benevolence of Slavery and Murder in Missouri

The Benevolence of Slavery — The following anecdote, related by Mr. Clay, shows the devilish spirit engendered by slave-holding:

A master there had children by one of his slaves, and being rich, desired to leave his property to these children. He took them, with the mother, to Cincinnati, got a deed of emancipation under the laws of Ohio, returned to Mississippi with this title of their freedom, and left his property by will, to these children. The courts of Mississippi afterwards decided that this was an invasion of the law, broke the will, distributed the property among the collateral heirs, and reduced the mother and children again to bondage!

Murder in Missouri

Mr. Mackay, residing near Clarksville, Pike co. Mo., was recently killed by his own slave, whom he had obtained by marriage, and who disliked to live with him. The St. Louis Republican of the 7th says: “He struck his master over the head with a rail, knocked him down, and with his master’s pocket knife cut his throat from ear to ear. He then ran to his mistress with the knife in his hand, and told her that somebody had killed his master. He has confessed all about it. We are informed that the excitement was very great, and a meeting was held, at which a proposition was made and lost by a few votes to burn him. He is in jail at Bowing Green, awaiting his trial.


Collection: National Anti-Slavery Standard
Publication: National Anti-Slavery Standard
Date: May 20, 1841
Title: General Intelligence.

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