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Inside the Archives – July 2013 – Volume 2. Number 3

July 2013
Volume II. Number 3.

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As with many database publishers most of Accessible Archives’ customers are colleges and universities. However, we have a number of clients with broader applications and we thought we would share information about some of them with you.

Conococheague Institute

Conococheague InstituteThe Conococheague Institute in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania is a regional center for developing and fostering awareness, understanding and stewardship of the cultural and natural history of the Appalachian frontier of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia which was opened to settlers in 1736.

Heather Wade, Executive Director, explained: “We wished to provide access to The Pennsylvania Gazette and its reflections on people’s views of frontier life as our members had been asking for re-prints, and Accessible Archives was the easiest and least expensive way to do this. Articles show how people in the east — having never been there — perceived the “frontier” as rife with Indian raids, terror and trials and tribulations. News of the day provided the settlers with information about the lives they had left. Our historical researchers and genealogists have reacted very favorably to the Gazette and other included databases such as American County Histories.”

Stetson University College of Law

Stetson Univ. College of LawStetson University College of Law blends information from the databases into their historical legal research. Ashley Krenelka Chase, JD, MLIS and Library Administrator at the Dolly and Homer Hand Law Library described their usage: “At Stetson University College of Law, we are using Accessible Archives to help our faculty with historical research, particularly as it relates to Constitutional Originalism.  The African American Newspapers collection has been most helpful in this research, and we are looking forward to finding further uses for the database as we expand our interdisciplinary scholarship.”

Tidewater Atlantic Research, Inc.

Tidewater Atlantic Research, Inc. [TAR] provides historical and archaeological research and cultural resources management services to state and federal agencies, municipalities, institutions, corporations and organizations requiring specialized skills in submerged cultural resource research and management.

Project personnel have backgrounds in underwater prehistoric and historic archaeology, historical research and writing, cultural resource location, identification, assessment, mitigation and computer based management programs such as geographical information systems.

TAR uses historical information from Accessible Archives’ newspaper databases to ensure that proposed projects do not impact or encroach upon cultural sensitive resources or sites such as Colonial ferry docks or historic lobster trap areas in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, inlets and offshore open-ocean areas.

Wells Fargo Bank History Center

Advisers to wealthy families are finding that genealogy and fam­ily histories can elicit intergenerational communication among family members about money. Major banks also are turning to genealogy and family histories to spur stronger emo­tional connections and communication among America’s wealthiest families, a key to suc­cessful planning and wealth preservation within the family.

The Wells Fargo Bank History Center in San Francisco is one such institution providing genealogy and family history services to their wealthi­est clients, and Accessible Archives’ databases are part of their resources for this research. They utilize American County Histories extensively as these contain detailed coverage of local history, geography, lists of local participants in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, industry and manufacturing, banking and insurance, schools and teachers, cemeteries, family histories, health and vital statistics, as well as many additional subject areas.


American County Histories-WestFrank Leslie’s Weekly
National Anti-Slavery Standard
National Citizen and Ballot BoxThe Revolution

The complete images for our five latest collections are now mounted on our website, and all articles for National Citizen and Ballot Box and The Revolution have been keyed and are available, as well. We continue to key and mount articles for the other three databases on a regularly scheduled basis.

Pricing Offers

Special pricing currently is available for these and a number of our other collections. Please contact Accessible Archives for further information, to arrange for a free trial or to place an order.


Accessible Archives continues to offer free Webinars on a monthly basis. Information is e-mailed to current customers, those who have shown an interest in learning more about our collections and libraries conducting a free trial of our databases. Watch your e-mail for upcoming dates and sign-up information.


Accessible Archives provides MARC records for all our databases at no cost. But libraries handle and utilize MARC records in different ways. Sometimes this may result in unexpected problems for the staff.

When Mary E. Barbosa-Jerez, Head of Collection Development at St. Olaf College, forwarded a list of problems her Technical Service staff had encountered in loading Accessible Archives’ MARC records, our team responded in less than 48 hours. Each query, whether simple or complex, was addressed and a number of changes were immediately implemented. We then were very pleased to receive the following response from Mary:

“Thank you so much for your attention to all of these concerns! It’s really gratifying to work with vendors who are so receptive to our needs, and flexible in their practices. I hope these changes will also help make loading easier for other libraries — I know they will make our lives easier.”

Thank you for those kind words, Mary!


Accessible Archives was an exhibitor at the American Library Annual Conference in Chicago. A great many librarians stopped by our booth to view our newest databases and to discuss their research requirements. The number of visitors was up from last year’s conference, and a renewed spirit of optimism was in evidence.

Raffle Winner

Once again Accessible Archives held a raffle for a one-year subscription to our complete collection of databases. This year’s winner was the University of New Orleans. When informed that her entry was the winning one Connie Phelps, Chair, Services Department and subject librarian for History, Anthropology and English at the Earl K. Long Library reacted with enthusiasm: “We are delighted to have won this year-long subscription to these primary source materials.  I know that our faculty, particularly in History, English, and related humanities and social sciences will enjoy the opportunity to have access to these materials, both for their own research, as well as to have them available for assignments for students.   I personally am looking forward to working with the materials.”

Contact Information

Tom Nagy, COO
Accessible Archives, Inc.
Iris L. Hanney, President
Unlimited Priorities LLC


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