History of York County, Pennsylvania from the earliest period to

A Look Inside the History of York County, Pennsylvania

The 1106 page History of York County, Pennsylvania from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, Divided Into General, Special, Township and Borough Histories, with a Biographical Department Appended can be found in the Pennsylvania section of our American County Histories Collection. This particular book is exceptionally valuable to genealogists and family history researchers because it contains almost fifty detailed biographies of York County settlers and other prominent citizens.


History of York County, PennsylvaniaThere is no portion of the territory of the United States in which there is centered more of historic interest than that occupied by the county of York in the State of Pennsylvania. The town of York, in the words of LaFayette, was the seat of the American Union in our most gloomy times. In its cemeteries lie buried the remains of two of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. But not only during, but before and after, that great event, the American Revolution, the incidents of our history are full of interest.

The county was organized 136 years ago. Its earliest settlements were made some twenty years before. Throughout the whole period of time since then its progress has been steady and its development commensurate with the growth of the American nation. It is the purpose of this history to trace that progress and to study that development. As a portion of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, York County is largely identified with its early settlement and its social and political progress.

Biographical Sketches

Atlee, Hon. William Augustus
Barnitz, Hon. Charles A.
Barnitz, Hon. George
Barton, Rev. Thomas
Bonham, Hon. Samuel Coxe
Cassat, Esq., David
Cathcart, Rev. Robert
Clark, Gen. John
Dare, Hon. George
Deininger, Rev. Constantine J.
Dritt, Capt. Jacob
Durkee, Hon. Daniel
Ettinger, Rev. Adam
Fisher, Hon. Robert J.
Franklin, Rear Admiral
Gibson, Gen. Horatio Gates
Glossbrenner, Hon. Adam J.
Grier, Col. David
Haller, Col. Granville. O.
Hartley, Hon. Thomas
Hays, Hon. Mills
Hinkle, Hon. John L.
Jameson, David
Jordan, Archibald Steele
King, Hon. Adam
Koller, Hon. Isaac
Lewis, Judge Ellis
Mayer, Rev. Lewis
McIntyre, Hon. Peter
McLaughlin, Capt. William H.
McPherson, William
Members of the Bar
Mitchell, Hon. James S.
Newcomer, Hon. David
Prowell, Maj. Joseph
Reed, Gen. William
Rieman, Hon. John
Schlegel, Col. Henry
Schriver, Gen. Edmund
Small, Gen. M.P.
Stair, G. Christopher
Stevens, Hon. Thaddeus
Stouch, Capt. George W.H.
Welsh, Lieut. George
Ziegler, Rev. Daniel

Images from the Volume


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