An Alphabet of Proverbs from 1862

The Christian Recorder

This alphabetical list of proverbs appeared in the September 20, 1862 issue of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States’s newspaper The Christian Recorder.

Alphabet of Proverbs

  • A grain of prudence is worth a pound of craft.
  • Boasters are cousins to liars.
  • Confession of faults makes half amends.
  • Denying a fault doubles it.
  • Envy shooteth at others, and wounds herself.
  • Foolish fear doubles danger.
  • God reaches us good things by our hands.
  • He has hard work who has nothing to do.
  • It costs more to avenge wrongs than to bear them.
  • Justice overtakes many a rogue.
  • Knavery is the worst trade.
  • Learning makes a man fit company for himself.
  • Modesty is a guard to virtue.
  • Not to hear conscience is the way to silence it.
  • One hour to-day is worth two to-morrow.
  • Proud looks make foul work in fair faces.
  • Quiet conscience gives quiet sleep.
  • Riches is his who wants least.
  • Small faults indulged are little thieves that let in greater.
  • The boughs that bear most hang lowest.
  • Upright walking is sure walking.
  • Virtue and happiness are mother and daughter.
  • Wise men make more opportunities than they find.
  • You never lose by doing a good turn.
  • Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.

And a good newspaper is a well-spring of knowledge.

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