A Mother’s Love (Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1837)

The sacred fount from whence the pure affections flow
First into life, and smoothly calm
The boisterous waves of care,
Springs from a Mother’s breast.
There, in its bright effulgent glow
Is in union sweet with nature,
The immortal passion – love;
Which, once it sways the human heart
Is like to the vari-colored bow in Heaven placed to prove
That no more will wrath o’erflow
But gentle Peace shall reign.

A mother’s love! the bird its young protects
Whilst nest’ling ‘neath her wings, and from
The death-stroke of brutish man
Would shield her tender brood, and
Shew her own frail form (so beautiful – so fair)
To the dread marksman’s aim!
Can’st say that Mother’s love is pric’d?
Can’st say ye might knit the love of millions
And yet would equal one Mother’s?

By S. F. Glenn, Washington City, October 1837.

Godey’s Lady’s Book— Louis Antoine Godey began publishing Godey’s Lady’s Book in 1830. He designed his monthly magazine specifically to attract the growing audience of literate American women. The magazine was intended to entertain, inform, and educate the women of America.

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