What’s Inside? Godey’s Lady’s Book – December 1838

This magazine was published by Louis A. Godey from Philadelphia for 48 years (1830–1878). Each issue contained poetry, articles, and engravings created by prominent writers and other artists of the time. Sarah Josepha Hale (author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”) was its editor from 1837 until 1877 and only published original, American manuscripts.

Contents for December 1838

  • Kitty’s Relations- A Sketch by Miss Leslie (Short Story)
  • Leonidas (Poem)
  • The Man In The Wheel By L.A. Wilmer. (Short Story)
  • Riddle (Poem)
  • To The Evening Star (Poem)
  • Hints On Marriage (Advice)
  • Aside: Men are borne with two eyes, but with one tongue, in order that they should see twice as much as they say; but, from their conduct, one would suppose that they were born with two tongues, and one eye; for those talk the most who have observed the least, and obtrude their remarks upon everything, who have seen into nothing.
  • To A Youth With A Purse (Poem)
  • The Young Countess; Or, A Folly And Its Consequences By Miss M. Miles (Short Story)
  • Sonnet To Memory (Poem)
  • Esther – A Dramatic Sketch (Play)
  • A Sketch From Life By Mrs. Hofland (Poem)
  • The Glass Family: A Traditionary Story In Five Chapters (Short Story)
  • Untitled Poem – Written beneath the “Old Oak Tree,” whilst looking upon the “Merrimac” for the first time after an absence of years BY J. ELLIOTT KNIGHT
  • Aside: In all societies it is advisable to associate if possible with the highest; not that the highest are always the best, but, because if disgusted there, we can at any time descend; but if we begin with the lowest, to ascend is impossible. In the grand theatre of human life, a box ticket takes us through the house.
  • Fireside Education (Book Review)
  • Hope (Poem)
  • Kathleen Mavourneen, An Irish Ballad, Sung With Rapturous Applause, By Dempster And Mr. Horn And  Composed By F.N. Crouch. (Sheet Music)
  • Arabella; A Poem  By L.A. Wilmer (Poem)
  • Aside: We cannot wonder That kings so readily cause men to be killed, when it appears, on authority, that Charles the Tenth, in a single year gratified his royal taste by 89 stag-hunts, and by shooting 3525 pheasants, 1375 partridges, 555 hares, and 1532 rabbits. In all, this royal exemplar destroyed, in one year, 7404 animals, most of them more worthy to live than himself; while his precious son, the Dauphin, claimed his 7025, including more pheasants and hares than his father. In one year, 1828-9, there were killed, in France, 834 wolves and cubs.
  • Aside: We most readily forgive that attack which affords us an opportunity of reaping a splendid triumph. A wise man will not sally forth from his doors to cudgel a fool, who is in the act of breaking his windows by pelting them with guineas.
  • Editors Table (Editorial and discussion of upcoming features)
  • Fashion Plate and Description
Godey’s Lady’s Book— Louis Antoine Godey began publishing Godey’s Lady’s Book in 1830. He designed his monthly magazine specifically to attract the growing audience of literate American women. The magazine was intended to entertain, inform, and educate the women of America.

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