New Faceted Search Page Enhancements

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New Intuitive Search Functionality!

 Explore America’s Past in a New Way with Accessible Archives’
New Faceted Search Page Enhancements

Want to find exceptionally exciting primary source materials in Accessible Archives collections?

These new enhancements will replicate the user experience that your patrons know well. Within the unique Accessible Archives primary source collections, students, faculty, and librarians will go beyond just the facts and figures of history and into a deeper understanding of their search topic.

The New Faceted Search Page enhancement allows users to spend more time exploring documents and less time searching for them!

New Faceted Search Page Enhancements

New Faceted Search Page Enhancements

Using customer feedback, reviewing last summer’s librarian’s survey and with the consultation of our Interface Advisory Board, we have put together a more intuitive search page.

  • Drill deeper into the content by date, publication type, and/or collection.
  • Search within your current results.
  • Once the user has made selections, they can press the “Update Results” button and the results list on the right will be refreshed.
  • User can undo just the most recent refinement.
  • Pressing “Go Back to Original Results” produces the same list as the user had on the original search.

Accessible Archives digital collections offer students, faculty, librarians, and scholars alike the opportunity to undertake in-depth research of important and influential 18th and 19th century issues using a wealth of newspaper and print content.

Users now have the ability to drill down to more targeted results through search capabilities that narrow a broad results list or still page through an entire collection to uncover the depth and breadth of Accessible Archives’ historical collections.

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All images included in blog posts are from either Accessible Archives collections or out of copyright public sources unless otherwise noted. Common sources include the Library of Congress, The Flickr Commons, Wikimedia Commons, and other public archives.

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