South Carolina Classified

These classified ads ran in the August 12, 1778 issue of The Gazette of the State of South Carolina.

To be disposed of at private Sale, very reasonable – A Likely Negro Man, who has always been used to the field till these three years past, since whichtime he has been used to attend a single man, and sometimes to work out. He is sold no fault, the owner having no occasion for him. -Enquire of the Printers.

Twenty Pounds Reward – RUN away the subscriber, on the 27th ult.a dark Mulatto man named Sam, a Shoemaker by trade; he has a large bushy head of hair, is 5 feet six inches high, well set, and had on when he went away, a straw hat, a plaid Jacket, white breeches,and Oznabrugs shirt. It is supposed he is either harboured about Charlestown, or near Mr. Weston’s plantation in the parish of Christchurch. Whoever brings him to me, or to the Warden of the Work-house, shall be entitled to the above reward.

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Eloped from me in the night of the 11th of April last, my wife Angelica Elizabeth Baour, with one Peter Bourdaju, of Hillsborough township, a deserter from the service of this state; they took with them a horse and other effects (my property) to the value of 7 or 800 pounds. This is to forwarn all persons from trusting my said wife or any other person in my name, as I shall pay no debt contracted without my written order. I offer two hundred pounds reward so any person who will secure the said Bourdajau in any jail, so that he may be brought to justice, exclusive of the public reward for apprehending deserters. He is about 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, thin faced, has a long nose, black curled hair, brown complexion, is slim made, and speaks both French and English; my wife is a short thick made woman, brown complexion, red faced, marked with the small-pox, and has black hair she speaks good English, and a great deal of French when she pleases, and is very bold.

RUN AWAY the 4th of August, a negro wench names Clarinda, of a yellow complexion, had on when she went away a cross-bar check coat, a coarse white linen shirt, and a blue handkerchief on her head, and formerly belonged to Mrs. Gordon, Whoever will deliver the said wench to the warden of the work-house in Charlestown, or to the subscribers in King-street, shall receive a reward of fifty pounds currency and all reasonable charges; and whoever harbours or entertains her, may depend upon being prosecuted to the utmost rigor of the law.

RUN away from the subscriber, a negro man named Harry, who was sent to me by his Mistress, Mrs. Sophia Desering, to go to Combahee, but he has taken the advantage of his Mistress’s letter, and gone to work at the cabinet marker’s business in Charlestown, upwards of six weeks since. I do offer a reward of one hundred pounds to any person that will give information of his being employed or harboured by a white person, and twenty if by a negro; or the reward of ten dollars to any one that will deliver him to the Warden of the Workhouse, or to me at Combahee.

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