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Inside the Archives – Winter 2017 – Volume VI Number 1

Winter 2017
Volume VI. Number 1.

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Winter 2017 edition!

2017 is starting off to be another great year for Accessible Archives and you. Accessible Archives continues its commitment to enhancing the user experience and content of our digital collections.

We will be rolling out several new products in the next few months. In addition, we have completed more states in our landmark American County Histories program. To ensure our customers are receiving a complete picture of their usage data, Accessible Archives has commissioned a new COUNTER compliant report from our COUNTER vendor, Scholarly iQ.

New Collections from Accessible Archives this Winter!

We are pleased to announce new titles in our African American Newspapers and Women’s Suffrage collections, and a new database providing access to a unique aspect of World War I.

African American Newspapers, Part XIII


AFRICAN AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS, PART XIIIThese publications expand the current collection of nine titles into the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Freedmen’s Record. Boston, MA 1865–1874
Published by The New England Freedmen’s Aid Society Freedmen’s Record provides a unique look at issues faced by freed slaves and the efforts to provide opportunities for Freedmen entering American society. It exposed the conditions of Freedmen to the Northern public and promoted charitable contributions for use in the society’s Freedmen’s programs and to fund relief efforts in the postwar South.

The Negro Business League Herald. Washington, D.C. 1909
The National Negro Business League (NNBL) promoted African-American “commercial, agricultural, educational, and industrial advancement.” Its credo of black self-assurance and intra-racial cooperation drew on a wide segment of the African American community. The Herald provides insights into the activities and accomplishment of the local Washington, DC NNBL office and the organization in general.

Women’s Suffrage Collection


WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE COLLECTIONThree new titles complement the three feminist titles currently available. This integrated combination forms the newly instituted Women’s Suffrage Collection providing 64 years of coverage leading to women’s enfranchisement in 1920.

The New Citizen. Seattle, WA 1909–1912
Founded and edited by Missouri Hanna, The New Citizen focused on the role of newly-enfranchised women in Washington State. Articles discussed a variety of state and regional issues, including labor legislation, divorce laws, wage disparity between men and women, reproductive rights, and more.

Western Woman Voter. Seattle, WA 1911–1913
Serving women voters throughout the western states Western Woman Voter discussed questions relating to city and state government and the legal rights of women, the home, the child and the school insofar as they were affected by law.

The Remonstrance: An Anti-Suffrage Periodical. Boston, MA 1890–1913
The Remonstrance was the official publication of the Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women. Articles covered state and municipal suffrage defeats, efforts to rescind suffrage in the Western states, radical politics of suffrage, class distinctions between the suffrage and anti-suffrage movements, benefits of the woman’s place in home and the promotion of anti-feminism.

America and World War I


AMERICA AND WORLD WAR I American Military Camp Newspapers
This new collection provides unparalleled access to unique sources covering the experience of American soldiers in “The War to End All Wars” during the mobilization period in 1916, in the trenches in 1918 and through the occupation of Germany in 1919.  Military camp newspapers kept soldiers informed about the home front, political questions of the day – including those relating to the war itself – progress of their training, and the state of the war abroad.

Personnel, places and events are described, and non-war related items such as advertisements, poetry, short stories, memoirs, jokes and cartoons are included, along with photographs and sketches of camp life.

Pre-publication Sale Underway!

Accessible Archives is offering one of our best sales of the year with the announcement of our new collections. Please contact our exclusive sales and marketing agent, Unlimited Priorities LLC at 239-549-2384. Check out all of the Accessible Archives’ Collections at for detailed descriptions and title lists.

New COUNTER Usage Report for Our Customers – Title Report 3 (TR 3)

To ensure our customers are receiving a complete picture of their usage data Accessible Archives, working with Scholarly iQ, our COUNTER vendor, has added a new COUNTER compliant report: “Title Report 3 (TR3): Number of Successful Requests by Month, Title and Page Type.” In addition to Full-text HTML, Full-text Other, and Book downloads, this report will include usage related to Table of Contents and Non-textual resource image requests. Now with Journal Reports 1 & 5 (JR 1 & JR5), Book Report 1 (BR 1) and the new Title Report 3 (TR 3), you will be able to review and evaluate the full extent of access to your Accessible Archives collections. The TR 3 report will be available for your review after January 10th.

COUNTER Title Report 3 (TR 3)

COUNTER Title Report 3 (TR 3)

Peter Stevens Retires from Unlimited Priorities LLC

Peter StevensUnlimited Priorities LLC announces that Peter Stevens, a valued member of our Client Services Team, is retiring effective January 1, 2017. Peter has been involved in every facet of Unlimited Priorities’ success over the past nine years. Peter has had a long and distinguished career in sales, marketing and management with a number of companies within the information industry, including UMI, IAC, ISI, RR Bowker, JA Micropublishing, Newsbank, Ethnic Newswatch, Techbooks (Aptara), and Pacific Data Conversion Corp. As Unlimited Priorities is the exclusive sales and marketing representative for Accessible Archives, Peter will be missed by Accessible Archives’ customers and staff.

Unlimited Priorities congratulates Peter on his retirement and thanks him for his many years of dedicated service. We wish him all the best in his well-earned rest. Peter and his wife, Louise, will now have the opportunity for more travel, catch-up on those reading lists, expand his volunteer work at Bryn Athyn Cathedral, and thoroughly enjoy their children and grandchildren.

Please contact Iris Hanney at Unlimited Priorities with any questions or comments. Unlimited Priorities is the exclusive sales and marketing representative for Accessible Archives.

Women’s Suffrage Collection: The Revolution
The RevolutionThe Revolution, a weekly women’s rights newspaper, was the official publication of the National Woman Suffrage Association. The paper confronted subjects not discussed in most mainstream publications of the time including sex education, rape, domestic violence, divorce, prostitution and reproductive rights. It was instrumental in attracting working-class women to the movement by devoting columns to concerns such as unionization and discrimination against female workers. Accessible Archives has made available the full run of issues between 1868 and 1873. Be sure to check out all the titles in our Women’s Suffrage Collection.

American County Histories Update – Two More States Completed. More Coming!

Accessible Archives continues to add new content to our acclaimed American County Histories database. Alabama and Texas are the latest states to be completed in their entirety, with more to come. Others with recently expanded holdings include California, Missouri, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Illinois. Stay tuned for monthly content updates. For more information on Accessible Archives’ American County Histories

Unlimited Priorities LLC Celebrates Bob Lester’s First Year Anniversary!

Unlimited Priorities is pleased to announce Bob Lester’s first year anniversary!  Bob joined our team in November 2015 as a Product Development and Strategy Consultant. During this past year, his responsibilities have increased to include marketing and sales prospecting for Accessible Archives. In 2017, Bob will be taking on a greater sales role at Accessible Archives.

African American Newspapers Collection
African American NewspapersThis collection provides important original source material—written by African-Americans for African-Americans—readily available for research and fresh interpretation by historians, sociologists, educators and students. It contains a wealth of information about cultural life and history during the 1800s and early 1900s. Rich with first-hand reports of the major events and issues of the day including slavery and abolition, presidential and congressional addresses, business and commodity markets, society and culture, religion, and more, this collection will meet the needs of your students and researchers.

New Webinars Are Coming! Stay Tuned!

Using Discovery Services
Discovery services have become a critical component within most academic libraries, playing a vital role in the effort to showcase the value of a library’s collection and changing the way resources are searched.  This webinar, hosted by academic librarians, will provide valuable insights into the various discovery services — how they help researchers discover content that might be otherwise missed and improve a library’s return on investment.

New Accessible Archives Products
This webinar will highlight the new collections that are being released in the Winter and Spring 2017.

What is COUNTER?
Accessible Archives recognizes the importance of usage reporting and we have made a commitment to provide COUNTER-compliant usage reporting to our subscribers. Working with Scholarly iQ, Accessible Archives provides librarians with access to their COUNTER reports through an intuitive web portal as well as a SUSHI web service for harvesting reports from multiple discovery services.

Text & Data Mining: The New Gold Rush
Explores how text and data mining opens up large and high-quality historical datasets for your users. This webinar will provide an update on how scholars understand content in ways that only computational research makes possible and increases the value of library resources.

The Use of Accessible Archives Collections in Your Primary Sources Research
This webinar will focus on the importance of using primary sources and how to locate those documents that will provide the best opportunities for reference librarians, faculty, and students to “dig into the past” and discover the essential history that defines our society.

Achieving Higher Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal at Accessible Archives

“I am a writer, historian and tour guide who does quite a bit of research on New York City history for my writing, social media, and tours (not to mention my own edification, I could do research all day). As one of the most significant publications of the 19th Century, Frank Leslie’s Weekly has provided me with a wealth of insight about the city, its inhabitants, and the world that they lived in. I use what I have learned to weave an informative and engaging narrative that helps get people interested and excited about New York City history! I am incredibly thankful to Accessible Archives for helping to make my research so easy and enjoyable.”

— Tess Stahl,
Discovering_NYC (Twitter & Instagram)

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The blog provides a unique look into the diverse 18th and 19th Century collections at Accessible Archives. Blog topics range from political discourses of the time, specific events occurring during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, social and cultural issues from Godey’s Lady’s Book and other publications, to slavery and abolition. Frank Leslie’s Weekly provides insights into a variety of unique topics beyond these time periods, including sports, the arts, and persons and events of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

These unique nuggets of information open up the rare primary source newspapers, periodicals and print collections essential for teaching and researching the history of America. Check out our latest posts and subscribe here:

Frank Leslie’s Weekly, 1855-1922
Frank Leslie’s WeeklyIn 1855, Frank Leslie founded Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, America’s first weekly illustrated newspaper. Because news illustrations were novel to journalism in America, they intrigued the public and stimulated sales of Frank Leslie’s papers. News stories were illustrated within a couple of weeks of their occurrence, and in addition to news there were features on music, the stage, fine arts, sports, and literature, including serial fiction. Unlike other publishers’ versions, the Accessible Archives’ collection includes the complete set of issues. This means you will now have access to events such as the Spanish-American War and World War I, the 1896 presidential campaign, the Klondike gold rush of 1897, the continuing development of America’s social and cultural mores, the beginnings of the Jazz Age, and so much more.

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