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Inside the Archives – Autumn 2017 – Volume VI Number 4

Autumn 2017
Volume VI. Number 4.

Hey, it’s that time again, time to catch you up on the latest doings at Accessible Archives. The information in this edition of our newsletter is critical as it’s all about saving you money! So let’s get started.


Hold that Price

Accessible Archives’ approach to our permanent access customers always has been to provide top quality data at an affordable price. As a “differentiator” our policy is to capture images at the highest resolution while re-keying and XML-TEI Lite tagging the text, as opposed to using dirty OCR. And we’ve been able to maintain a degree of flexibility in working out the most advantageous manner in aiding libraries interested in acquiring our collections, including the fact that our modest annual maintenance fee covers all of our databases to which a library has permanent access.

Like you, we’re aware of the many problems facing our country and the rest of the world – floods, hurricanes (a hurricane in Ireland??? What’s that all about!!!), forest fires, volcanos, terrorism. Any of them could have a negative effect on the information community. We can’t solve these, but we can offer you a small ray of sunshine. In the spirit of our collaborative policies we have made the decision to hold the line on pricing for 2018. That means no increase in cost for permanent access to our databases, for our subscriptions, and even for our maintenance fee. So now you can lock in one small part of your budget for 2018.  Hurrah!

And Then, There’s a Sale!

We’re excited about our progress with our American County Histories collection, and want to share that excitement with you by announcing a SPECIAL SALE! The purchase of any portion of American County Histories earns a 25% discount. And if you are attending the Charleston Conference and visit us at Table #32 we’ll take an additional 10% off (if you’re NOT attending simply mention the conference and you’ll still get the extra 10%!).

What Else is Going on?

2017 continues to be a busy year at Accessible Archives – a new webinar in November, monthly content updates, exhibiting at the Charleston Conference, and more!  We are moving closer to the completion of our American County Histories and America and World War I collections!

Our Senior Research Editor, Jill O’Neill, has composed a very informative White Paper on American County Histories. It provides insights into the variety of uses of county histories – personal, historical, and cultural, sample use cases, and accessibility. –Check out the White Paper below!

Accessible Archives has become a full member of the COUNTER Project and is moving forward with the implementation of Release 5. See full information later in this newsletter.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute or have an article suggestion for the Accessible Archives Newsletter. Keeping you informed is our goal!

American County Histories: A Unique Research Resource

County histories — publications that document and commemorate a specific region — represent a valuable information resource for patrons. They may be useful to the scholar chasing down a familial relationship for a particular historical figure, to the student researching an educational assignment, to the local authority seeking awareness of a particular population’s points of pride, need and understanding.

Those studying a local region have a broad diversity of available information resources. These may be found on the open web, as part of a university’s special collections, or via commercial services. The issue is not whether the user will find something useful, but rather how best he or she can tap into the specific resource best suited to task requirements.

Because so much information exists in both print and digital formats, examples of useful information resources are included here to provide a better understanding of the range of available materials. It is important that each be considered for appropriateness to the specific needs of the user, whether performing casual or scholarly investigation. That appropriateness may be determined through a sense of the scope of materials included in the resource, the available formats and the functional support for use (such as discovery, search and retrieval).

Download the Whitepaper

Accessible Archives Announces COUNTER Membership – Implements Release 5 of COUNTER

Accessible Archives, an electronic publisher of full-text primary source historical databases, has joined COUNTER as a full member and announced its intent to become fully compliant with the new COUNTER Code of Practice for e-Resources: Release 5.  Learn more here.

Check Out Our Open-Access E-Books and Databases!

Achieving Higher Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal at Accessible Archives

“UNC libraries and their users consider Accessible Archives products to be important e-resources for supporting research in African American studies and on the history of the American South and, as a consequence, consistently have made their acquisition a priority.”

-Luke Swindler, Coordinator of General Collections,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries

 “…all of you have been so great to work with. I just created a Sushi account, could not have been easier with your instructions.  Thanks!”

-Alice Eng, Electronic Resources
Librarian, Wake Forest University

 “I was talking to the Library Director here at Sewanee this morning, and telling her how much we love your database and knew that they used it as well.”

-Gentry Holbert, Director, Library &
Instructional Resources, Spring Hill College

 “…I remain an appreciative customer of Accessible Archives…”

 -Jack Robertson, Fiske and Marie Kimball
Librarian, Jefferson Library at Monticello


Upcoming Conference Events

Will you be at the Charleston Conference? Lots of new and exciting things are going on at Accessible Archives and we would love to get together and share the news. We are at Table #32. Let us know and we will make a date!

Charleston Gaillard Center - Table #32

Charleston Gaillard Center – Table #32

Will you attend ALA Midwinter in Denver February 9-12, 2018?  We would love to get together with you!  We are in booth #2209. Let us know and we will make a date!

Colorado Convention Center – Halls A-C - Booth #2209

Colorado Convention Center – Halls A-C – Booth #2209

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