Accessible Archives Year of Technology: Implementation of IPv6 Access

Malvern, PA (February 5, 2019)  Accessible Archives, Inc.®, a digital publisher of full-text primary source historical collections, announces that starting today access to their collections will be available via both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.  The addition of IPv6 promises a stronger, faster user experience!

In consultation with Accessible Archives customers, Unlimited Priorities — exclusive sales, marketing, and technology agent for Accessible Archives was made aware of the concern that the IPv4 addressing scheme was running out of potential addresses and schools were wanting to move toward IPv6 address usage.  Unlimited Priorities supervised the technology developments necessary to accommodate customers’ needs.

The IPv6 format was created to enable new IP addresses required to connect not only an ever-greater number of computing devices but also the rapidly expanding numbers of items with embedded connectivity.

Unlimited Priorities is coordinating the development, management, and implementation of a variety of initiatives in 2019.   Unlimited Priorities president, Iris L. Hanney, believes that  “implementation of IPv6 and additional developments in 2019 continues to highlight Accessible Archives’ ongoing commitment to serve the research community with the most up to date technology.”

To insure the viability of the IPv6 gateway Unlimited Priorities conducted access testing with two Accessible Archives customers.  Our thanks go out to Ruth Light, Electronic Resources Access Manager, Indiana University Libraries, and Michaelyn Haslam, Electronic Resource Librarian, UNLV University Libraries for working with us and providing invaluable feedback. The successful testing was a very key component to going forward.

Since your institution is given access to our content based on your IP address, your technical staff will need to provide your IPv6 range to Unlimited Priorities at – iris.hanney@unlimitedpriorities.com — as soon as possible to enable access and avoid having your IPv6 access blocked. Some of you may be authenticating now using an IPv6 to IPv4 gateway. That no longer will work as of February 5th and you will need to provide your IPv6 addresses

About Accessible Archives, Inc.

Accessible Archives utilizes a team of digital technology and conversion specialists to provide vast quantities of archived historical information previously available only in microform, hard copy or as images only.  Databases containing diverse primary source materials – leading books, newspapers and periodicals – reflect broad views across 18th, 19th, and early 20th  century America.

About Unlimited Priorities LLC

Unlimited Priorities LLC utilizes its highly skilled group of professionals to provide a variety of support services to small and medium-sized companies in the information and publishing industries. The Archival Initiatives Division (AID) offers practical consultative services to libraries, historical societies and associations. AID provides advice and assistance in archival content selection, rights ownership, project management, workflow analysis, production, distribution of converted content and interaction with commercial entities. We recognize that each location or organization is unique, requiring customized and locally-based solutions.


Iris L. Hanney, President
Unlimited Priorities LLC
Bob Lester
Unlimited Priorities LLC

All images included in blog posts are from either Accessible Archives collections or out of copyright public sources unless otherwise noted. Common sources include the Library of Congress, The Flickr Commons, Wikimedia Commons, and other public archives.

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