Our National President Makes Stirring Appeal (Call for Suffrage in 1910)

Dr. Anna Howard Shaw makes the following stirring appeal to the women of America. These words have a special meaning in the days we celebrate our independence.

We ask the native born American women to consider the principles for which the American commonwealth stands, the magnitude and the daring of these principles, and, because of that very daring, the dancer which lies in the effort to put into effect the American ideal. We ask them to consider the courage and energy of the American women of the Revolution, who supported their husbands and sons in casting off conventional ties, and the need of help to American men today In fighting, by means of the ballot, internal disasters more formidable to this country than military foes from without.

This item, and others like it, can be found in Accessible Archive’s Women’s Suffrage Collection. We can provide access to fully searchable newspapers by and for women including The Lily (1849-1856), National Citizen and Ballot Box (1878-1881), The Revolution (1868-1872), The New Citizen (1909-1912), The Western Woman Voter (1911-1913), The Woman’s Tribune (1883-1909) and the antisuffrage newspaper, The Remonstrance (1890-1913).

We ask American women born in Finland to remember that the women of France and the women of the American Colonies shared with men national revolutions without sharing the political freedom won by these revolutions, while the women of Finland shared with men both revolution and victory, and today are sitting in that last stronghold of conservatism —Parliament. We ask those American women born in Norway, the Isle of Man, Australia and New Zealand, to remember that had they not left their native countries they now would be enfranchised citizens. We ask American women born in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, to remember that in their native countries women are voting In municipal elections.

We ask all American women, from whatever country they have come to us, to recognize the world-wide movement for equal suffrage, to recognize what it means that the women of Turkey are throwing off their veils, the women of China awaking from their immemorial lethargy, the women of England in rebellion, the women of Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Switzerland, Natal and Cape Colony organized and using the engine of the press to influence public opinion and enforce their claim to the ballot. Turning our eyes homeward from the spectacle of the federated women of the civilized world demanding a voice in government, we must acknowledge that in no country Is the vote for women more imperative for race-preservation national protection and national honor than in the United States.


Collection: Women’s Suffrage
Publication: The New Citizen (Votes for Women)
Date: July 1910

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