Accessible Archives Passes the 2020 Counter Audit!

Accessible Archives is pleased to announce that we have passed the 2020 COUNTER Audit — Which highlights our unwavering commitment to provide COUNTER-compliant usage reports to our customers.

We are fully compliant with the  COUNTER Code of Practice for E-Resources: Releases 4 and 5!

Accessible Archives supports the efforts to ensure that libraries manage their resources effectively in today’s exploding world of information and demonstrate content value.

Working with the Project COUNTER team and Lorraine Estell, director, Accessible Archives staunchly supports ensuring that our library customers have consistent, credible, and comparable usage statistics.

COUNTER sets and maintains standards to ensure that publishers are able to provide usage data to their customers in a format they want; compare the relative usage of different delivery channels; aggregate data for customers using multiple delivery channels; and learn more about genuine usage patterns.

Full COUNTER compliance continues Accessible Archives’ ongoing commitment to serve the library community.

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