The 19th Amendment Victory: Books, 1812-1923

Accessible Archives continues its celebration for the 100th anniversary of American women’s legal right to vote with release of Part VIII: The 19th Amendment Victory: Books, 1812-1923 to its Women’s Suffrage Collection. This complement to Part VII: A Newspaper History, 1762-1922 provides an additional resource for scholars and students to understand how this important historic event transpired.

The ratification of this amendment on August 18, 1920 was a long-fought battle that took many years of struggle across many states before a successful outcome was realized.  As they moved forward women were not only voting, they were successfully running for seats on school boards, state legislatures and even Congress (Jeannette Rankin In Montana).

During the 19th century women won and lost the right to vote in several states, including New York, New Jersey, and Utah.  In 1838 Kentucky passed the first statewide woman suffrage law permitting qualified women to vote in local elections relating to taxation and school boards. In 1875 women in Michigan and Minnesota also won the right to vote in school elections but unrestricted voting was still many years away.

Women fared better in Wyoming territory where they won the unrestricted right to vote in 1869, the same year the 15th amendment was passed. Fifteen years later, Washington territory followed suit but when both were granted statehood, the fight for women’s suffrage started anew.  Wyoming was successful in maintaining the vote; Washington was not.

Follow women’s voting rights wins and losses across the American states and territories. Discover how local and state enfranchisement was able to affect national enactment.

The 19th Amendment collection begins with books from 1812 and concludes with those surrounding legal victory in the 1920s. Accessible Archives has carefully uncovered over 3,000 documents from of its rich historical archive of county histories and books not previously included in the Suffrage Collection to bring you this exceptional compilation in one searchable database.

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