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  • A subscription provides you access to all of the Accessible Archives collections as well as ALL NEW COLLECTIONS we add during the life of your subscription.

    A personal subscription is designed for an individual user. Personal subscriber accounts are limited to 250 pages, images, and tables of contents per month.

    For non-individual access, contact us to discuss access for your school, library, or institution.

    Please do not use this form if you have an existing subscription.

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  • Just enter "unsure" if you cannot recall where you heard about our databases.
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  • All Accessible Archives personal accounts are subscriptions and will be renewed quarterly or annually based on your selection above.

    All subscriptions are handled through PayPal. You can cancel your subscription through your PayPal account at any time, or by contacting us at before your renewal date.

    Cancelled accounts will continue to function until the end of its paid subscription.

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