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The South Carolina Gazette

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About our South Carolina
Newspapers Collection

This collection contains a wealth of information on colonial and early American History and genealogy, and provides an accurate glimpse of life in South Carolina and America, with additional coverage of events in Europe, during the early days of this country.

These newspapers include shipping news with inventories as well as news of property transfers including slaves and undeveloped land in the colony.

The South Carolina Gazette, South Carolina’s first successful newspaper was begun in 1732 by Thomas Whitemarsh in Charles Town, and released its final issue in December, 1775. A “middle of the road” paper, the Gazette printed news of Europe, what the royalty had worn at the last formal event, news of the colony, notices of births, deaths, marriages and estate auctions, and advertisements, including those for runaway slaves.

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Our South Carolina Newspapers Include:

  • The South Carolina Gazette — 1732 through 1775
  • The South Carolina & American General Gazette — 1764 through 1775
  • The South Carolina Gazette & Country Journal — 1765 through 1775
  • The Gazette of the State of South-Carolina — 1777 through 1780

Oconee Station Blockhouse

Oconee Station Blockhouse

You’ll find:

  • Eyewitness accounts of historical events
  • Vivid descriptions of daily life
  • Civil War newspapers, including northern & southern perspectives
  • A first-hand view of the African-American experience
  • Genealogical records
  • Images including photos, political cartoons, gorgeous full-color illustrations, and more
  • Women’s history
  • Regimental histories and stories about Civil War leaders and soldiers
  • Editorial observations
  • Commerce as seen through advertisements
  • Detailed County Histories
  • Editorials and Essays by Frederick Douglass
  • Sermons, Homilies, and Poetry
  • Temperance Literature
  • Lessons for Newly Freed Slaves


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