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Books and Mouse 250We have implemented a process that allows users to follow a URL link directly to an individual publication or collection title for searching or browsing.

We can now provide librarians, faculty, historians, and students of history the ability to quickly and easily link to the resources they wish to share.

Typical uses for the links might be course readings, courseware, e-learning sites, online or distance learning course sites, reading lists, syllabi, or library topic sites. This enhancement to our system also allows for book browsing based on BookID.

These direct links to individual books can be found at here.

Browse and Search Links

19th Amendment Victory: Books, 1812-1923 (Browse) (Search)

African American Newspapers (Browse) (Search)

The AMAROC News, 1919-1923 (Browse)

American County Histories (Browse) (Search)

American Military Camp Newspapers

Anatomy of Protest in America

Civil War

Frank Leslie’s Weekly (Browse) (Search)

Godey’s Lady’s Book (Browse) (Search)

National Anti-Slavery Standard (Browse) (Search)

Open Access

Pennsylvania Genealogical Catalogue

Pennsylvania Newspaper Record

South Carolina Newspapers

  • Gazette of the State of South Carolina (Browse)   (Search)
  • South Carolina & American General Gazette (Browse)   (Search)
  • South Carolina Gazette and Country Journal (Browse)   (Search)
  • Supplement to South Carolina & American General Gazette (Browse)   (Search)
  • Supplement to South Carolina Gazette and Country Journal (Browse)   (Search)
  • The South Carolina Gazette (Browse)   (Search)

The Liberator (Browse) (Search)

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Quarantine and Disease Control in America Series

The Virginia Gazette

The Woman’s Tribune (Browse)   (Search)

Women’s Suffrage Collection

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