Register Today for an Accessible Archives, Inc. Webinar

Now you can get more out of your databases from Accessible Archives, Inc. by bringing everyone up-to-date on the latest content and platform developments!

Accessible Archives is offering a webinar presentation which can be adapted for new or existing customers. Libraries or institutions may register in advance to participate in one of the presentations. We will schedule the session at your convenience, but it’s a great idea to have multiple librarians listen at the same time so everyone is able to experience it first-hand and discuss next steps as a team.

The presentation was created by Unlimited Priorities Corporation®, exclusive sales and marketing agent for Accessible Archives.

To schedule a webinar please contact Iris Hanney by phone, fax, or email.


Iris L. Hanney, President
Unlimited Priorities LLC
Phone: 239-549-2384
Fax: 239-549-3168

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